About Me

Mary Ellen has worked in design for three decades, first in the fashion and beauty industry, later branching out into the corporate sector in design and marketing for companies as diverse as Saks Fifth Avenue, Glemby International at Neiman Marcus, ADP Pension Services, The Hour Publishing Company, Panache Magazine, and Windstream Enterprise formerly Broadview Networks.

She holds an Associate of Arts in Journalism and an Associate of Science in Graphic Design and Information Technology from Valencia College, Orlando, Florida, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut, where she graduated cum laude.

Mary Ellen’s art is her passion and her way of life. She continuously builds on her creative design career and believes a solid connection with others brings great things to life. She looks forward to working with you on your next project. She will hold it as close to her heart as you do to yours!