Here's What My Clients Are Saying...

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Ellen on many political campaigns from the local to the state level. From logos to signs to palm cards and mailing pieces she delivers both the traditional as well as work that is creative, compelling and truly and apart from the crowd.”

Dean Travalino

New York, Political Consultant

“For years Mary Ellen and I worked together in different roles within the Product and Marketing group at Broadview Networks. Her creativity, talent, and tenacity were very well regarded by me and my product management peers.”

Robert Marschall

Robert Marschall

Windstream Enterprise, Formly Broadview Nertworks

When I was in the infancy stages of my business nearly 20 years ago, I had the good fortune and distinct pleasure of befriending Mary Ellen and asking her to brand my business.

At the time, I sensed she was very passionate, enthusiastic and prideful of her work. To this day, I use the same hand-designed, unique and recognizable business logo she so brilliantly created.

Turns out, my sense of her was correct. The proof is in the pudding.

Dan Goldstein


Bio Quest

I cannot thank Mary Ellen enough for all of her time, knowledge, and artistic ability when co-designing my website and, most of all, for my beautiful logo and double-sided business cards! She had a vision like I did, and she was determined to help me accomplish it! It was such a pleasure working with her!! I can’t wait to work with her again soon as I have some great additions to my business.

Kristin Yaroscak


Western CT Doula

My wife and I received a stunning holiday card created by the artist Mary Ellen Pataro. The card was a version of a larger print called “Reflection” that is viewable in Mary Ellen’s gallery under the heading “White-line Woodblock Framed.” We found the card so hauntingly beautiful that we just had to have a full-size print. Mary Ellen accommodated our request and put in the personalized time to guide us through the details of what size and color of frame and type of glass would best bring out the splendor of her piece. She clearly has a love of her work that matches her talent. We are grateful to have one of Mary Ellen’s creations to brighten our day daily.

Eugene Lebwohl

Highland, New York

I recently decided to go into business for myself, and the process was a daunting one. The one process that was seamless and the most important was my marketing and website development, and I owe that to Mary Ellen Pataro. I hired Mary Ellen and she did not disappoint. Mary Ellen’s professionalism and patience were impeccable, to say the least. She gave me creative ideas as well as her feedback and insights as to how I should build my site. I cannot imagine having worked with anyone else other than Mary Ellen on a project that was near and dear to me. She is truly a committed professional and one of the best at her craft.

Kimberly Walcott


Inclusion Marketing and Advertisement

“Mary Ellen is a great resource for fast and creative designs. Her innate talents are apparent in all of her work. She exudes creativity and works to solve real world challenges with good design.”

Russ Fordyce

Senior Director, Content Marketing

Infinera, New Jersey

“Mary Ellen is a detailed graphic designer who takes great pride in her work. When I have worked with her, she exhibited great amounts of creative talent and produced fresh, concise concepts while always adhering to deadlines and a budget. She is a fantastic team player who is always willing to share her expertise and knowledge with others.”

Gene Rogers

Director of Marketing & Communications

eVero, New York

“Mary Ellen takes great pride in her graphic design work. She is very creative in conceptualizing new projects and is very conscious of brand guidelines, deadlines and budget issues. Whatever the nature of the campaign, Mary Ellen gets it done-from collateral, posters and trade show booths to website design. She manages her projects from concept to print while providing updates and feedback, so there is never a question as to when the project will be complete. Working with Mary Ellen has been a pleasure and her skills are an asset to any organization.”

Charlie Colletti

Product Marketing Manager - ISVs

Sage, New York

“Mary Ellen is a very talented  graphic designer. For over two years, Mary Ellen produced creative and effective marketing pieces for me. Her dedication to each project was unparalleled, often working late nights and on weekends to make sure the job was completed in the designated time frame. She is a team player and a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin Goodman

Regional Vice President, Strategy Marketing and Sales Operations

NTI Communications, New York